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J Plus Hotel by YOO x “Yeah.yeah.Chloe”


J Plus Hotel by YOO, Hong Kong’s artistic boutique hotel, officially launched its latest exhibition, “Phantasmagoria” by Australian Illustrator, Chloe Bennett on 9 March 2017. Timed for Hong Kong’s “Art Month”, J Plus Hotel by YOO’s new exhibition not only attracted art lovers from Hong Kong but all over the world.

The young artist’s offbeat collection of pop-art explores the glorification of mundanity in our society today, playing with the juxtaposition of the most pedestrian objects. The exhibition we catered featured a collection of 8 aerosol-on-canvas pieces which grasped widespread attention. It goes without saying that art is up for interpretation, but a few pieces really tickled our fancy.

For example, the Coffee piece titled “I hate weak coffee” cleverly modifies an everyday coffee cup into a grenade, signifying an “explosively strong” coffee. Another piece- Gem, is a play on healing crystals and the idea of popping gems instead of pills.


The piece “Dim Sum” is specially commissioned by J Plus Hotel and is inspired by the dim sum food culture of Hong Kong. Titled “Brain food”, it represents Chloe's love of discovering new cuisines, picturing two bright hued brains and a side of soy sauce in a traditional bamboo steamer basket with a pair of chopsticks resting atop the edge.

Dim Sum

A delightful and petite pop-up store also accompanies the exhibition until 8 July 2017, offering guests and visitors a chance to take home a unique piece of Chloe’s sprightly pop art as well as a variety of souvenirs including mugs, shopping bags, note pad sets, postcards and sticker sets.

We would like to quickly thank our media friends for their overwhelming support. The exhibition at J Plus received extensive coverage from lifestyle news such as South China Morning Post, Elle, Home Journal, Hashtag Legend, Esquire, Jessica, Perspective and many more.

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