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Inter-Rhône Battle of Chefs Grand Tasting

On what seemed to be a humdrum midweek Thursday night, crowds gather on the 3rd floor of House of Madison.

Inter- Rhône held a unique grand tasting and wine pairing hybrid event on 8 June at the contemporary and refined concept space in Wan Chai, drawing countless trade partners, wine columnists and media from the lifestyle industry to the occasion. Dubbed “The Battle of Chefs”, the bi-annual showcase sets its theme with a vibrant red, highlighting the dominance of red wines for the brand.

“If Rhône Valley was a colour, it would definitely be red!” said Mr Olivier Legrand, Marketing Director, Inter-Rhône.

Over 30 recent vintages from 27 leading wineries were presented at the tasting for attending guests. Underlining the versatility of Rhône Valley appellations for pairing with Chinese and Western cuisine, this year’s showcase invited two top chefs in the region - Emmanuel Soulière, Executive Chef from Sands Cotai Central, and Executive Chinese Chef Yap Poh Weng from Dynasty 8 to present exceptional delicacies live with ingredients that match the critically-acclaimed wines that are "always right".

We were especially delighted to be acquainted with Brieg Lemetayer, China brand ambassador for Inter-Rhône, and Ms Anaïs Richard, Asia Export Marketing Manager for Rhône Valley Vineyards’ promoting committee. If you love wine, chances are you’ve tried Rhone Valley wines. But how much do you know about these terrific wines?

Here are 10 fun facts shared by the experts to blow your mind!

  1. Rhone Valley is France’s second largest quality wine producing region.

  2. 80% of Rhone Valley production is red!

  3. Rhone Valley produces red, whites, rosés, fortified wines. This diversity offers the ability to pair with any occasion or meal!

  4. The balance between full body, fruit and spiciness make them east to enjoy.

  5. Northern Rhone is the birthplace of Syrah and produces some of the greatest wines.

  6. Tavel is the only 100% dry rosé appellation in France!

  7. Southern Rhone blends are best paired with stews, roasts, salmon, spicy food, pork belly and game foods.

  8. Northern Rhone reds are best paired with tomato based pasta dishes and grilled foods: grilled beef, roast chicken, vegetables, lamb, ribs, steak and tuna.

  9. Whites made from Viognier, Marsanne, Roussane and Grenache Blanc are best served as aperitifs or with cheese, white fish and sushi.

  10. Rosé are classically paired with charcuterie, cheeses, BBQ and smoked salmon- and are also perfectly suited to Asian cuisine!

Fall in love with your next sip. Santé!

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