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Greater China Club Hangzhou Master Guest Chef Culinary Showcase

Earlier this June, Hangzhou master chef Shi Jun graced Greater China Club’s Cantonese dining room Man Hing for a two week culinary showcase. The master chef, with over 23 years of Hangzhou cuisine experience, is one of the most respected chefs out there, having served under many great mentors, and even had the honour of serving Hangzhou delicacies to esteemed worldwide leaders at the G20 summit in 2016.

Hangzhou cuisine has been dubbed by many as “The next big thing” in the Chinese culinary scene. Being a branch of Zhejiang cuisine- one of the Eight Great Cuisines of China, it has a variety of exceptional dishes to offer. Prestigious media members and bloggers were invited to exclusive lunch and dinner tastings to savour the true flavours of Hangzhou.

The master chef presented an array of magnificent Hangzhou classics, reinventing beloved traditional recipes with a modern twist such as the sweet and succulent Deep-fried shrimps with honey and mustard sauce, the clean and refreshing Matustake mushroom soup with mashed fish and bamboo pith, and one of the signature highlights - the Braised sliced pork belly with dried bamboo and Chinese cabbage, which requires meticulous skills, delicately thin slicing braised pork belly meat, and uniquely shaping them to resemble a pagoda with bamboo shoots hidden inside waiting to be discovered!

Do you have a memorable culinary experience and what makes it so special? We would love to know!

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