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Artisanal Kushiyaki Hideaway CHI YAWARAGU Presents Rare Offal-Centric Omakase Menu of Three-Yellow Chicken in an Extraordinary Comb-to-Claw Experience

(29 January 2024, Hong Kong) CHI YAWARAGU, the artisanal kushiyaki specialist whose authentic ambience best echoes the inviting Japanese izakaya vibe, brings comb-to-claw chicken skewer dining to a daring new level of decadence with a full offal omakase menu, and spices up happy hour with unlimited complimentary Japanese snacks.

Nestled among the antique-market stalls of Upper Lascar Row in Sheung Wan, this intimate eatery whisks gourmands to the charming alleys of Japan to enjoy a satisfying and sensational everyday dining experience – with skewers of three-yellow chicken yakitori, other grilled meat, seafood and locally sourced produce prepared with a delicate touch of seasoning.

Entering its second full year of operation with a new and highly skilled culinary team behind the counter, CHI YAWARAGU shows its kushiyaki supremacy with the launch, for a limited time, of an extraordinary gastronomic feast centred upon the glories of chicken offal. The 13-course “Offal-verse” Omakase Menu (HK$780 per person, available until 31 March 2024) leaves very little of the bird unused in a rare and waste-free yakitori indulgence. Depending on daily freshness and availability, diners can sample cuts scarcely served elsewhere like Aorta, Thyroid, Trachea, Chicken Testicles and Chouchin (immature egg yolk) as well as Heart, Intestine, Liver, Rib Meat and Hamstring. These rarities may also appear as a la carte daily specials, subject to availability.

Japanese Food
Chi Yawaragu

The superior comb-to-claw omakase parade also includes a daily Salad, a Stewed Dish, comforting Inaniwa Udon in Chicken Soup and a delectable Japanese Dessert, with a complimentary Suntory Draft Beer

One of the highlights of the menu is the house signature udon, renowned for its exquisite chicken broth. Slow-cooked for 72 hours using the skin, bones and meat of flavoursome aged birds, the broth boasts a delicate taste, golden appearance and collagen-rich goodness. Paired with shallots and tender chicken meat, the udon has a lovely creamy consistency and is packed with flavour.

Chi Yawaragu Chicken Udon

In another nod to the sustainable practices of the culinary team and their quest for enhanced taste, CHI YAWARAGU only uses local Ping Yuen poultry – the famed three-yellow chicken known for its abundant flavour and fatty layer under the skin. Sourcing locally not only reduces food mileage, it brings chicken meat and organs of superb freshness and texture to the dining counter.

A hit since the restaurant’s opening in July 2022, the “Chef’s Selection” 9-Skewer Omakase (HK$780 per person) will delight those seeking a variety of different delicious grilled morsels. Similar to the offal-centric menu, it includes the attractions of Salad, a Stewed Dish, Udon, Dessert, and Draft Beer. Individual dietary preferences can be accommodated if stated upon booking.

The a la carte menu allows diners to curate their own kushiyaki extravaganza from an array of succulent meat cuts – beef, pork and lamb alongside chicken – stellar seafood and up to a dozen vegetable choices. Signatures show the culinary team’s invention in creating balanced tastes and textures, such as Chicken Skin Wrapped Shrimp (HK$88) and Pork Wrapped Coriander Roll (HK$68), and their grilling prowess – the tender juiciness of the meat is sealed within an appealing smoky coating in the likes of Angus Short Rib (HK$88) and Lamb Rack (HK$88).

The newly introduced “After Four at CHI YAWAGARU” Happy Hour Set welcomes the warmer climes of spring. Available from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday, it combines sipping and snacking in joyful Japanese style. Any beverage order including Japanese beer, sake or wine comes with four free-flow little treats to munch on, such as the crunchy, umami delights of Wasabi Raw Octopus, Pickled Yuzu Daikon, Pickled Burdock with Soy Sauce and Grilled Cod Fish Stick.

CHI YAWARAGU’s drinks list reflects the convivial izakaya spirit, with sake, wine, whisky and beer inciting heightened merriment. Selections focus on lesser-known, niche labels to excite connoisseurs while pairing expertly with the robust, rustic flavours from the grill. In an unusually fine selection of wines for a kushiyaki spot, bottles hail from both the Old World and the New, moving from Chablis and the best of the bunch of Japan’s grape producers. Hamafukutsuru’s Ito (HK$88/glass; HK$1,280/bottle, 720ml), a Japanese speciality liquor of refined undiluted sake matured in Sherry oak casks, is a must-try.

Recommended sakes include fruity, aromatic Seiryo Orion Junmai (HK$780/720ml), brewed with two famed rice varieties – the sweetness and texture of Yamada Nishiki and the subtle, dense taste of Aiyama. Purity, fine acidity and a fresh finish characterise Suigei Junmai Hattannishiki (HK$800/720ml) from Kochi Prefecture, which is perfect for drinking hot or chilled. The full-bodied Aichi brew of Yamatozakura Junmai Daiginjo (HK$880, 720ml) has a smooth and delicate nougat aftertaste.

In a romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day, couples who order an omakase set each can toast to their love with a pair of special handcrafted CHI YAWARAGU cocktails. 

In contrast to the vibrant colours of its Upper Lascar Row antique-market setting, the mood inside this welcoming neighbourhood hangout is cool and serene. It seats 24 diners over a cosy, minimalist interior and cheerful outdoor area spanning a total of 700 sq. ft. 

Tones of dark grey and textured black, industrial-styling and mood lighting serve to emphasise the convivial sensations of simple, market-fresh produce being skewered and grilled. Dotted throughout this Japanese hideaway are decorative odes to Hong Kong culture. 

CHI YAWARAGU is located at G/F, 28 Upper Lascar Row, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, and opens from Tuesday to Sunday (closed Monday) from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

For more information, please visit; for reservations, please call or Whatsapp (852) 9448-5988 or email

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