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Japan’s Fried Steak Cutlet Specialist Kyoto Katsugyu Extends its Fine Gyukatsu Mastery with New Opening at AIRSIDE in Kai Tak

(28 September 2023, Hong Kong) Kyoto Katsugyu, Japan’s renowned name in the culinary art of gyukatsu, proudly opens its new branch at vibrant AIRSIDE in Kai Tai, East Kowloon – headlined by 2 newly imported, must-try varieties of Japanese wagyu – Satsuma Fukunaga Wagyu from Kagoshima and Tokachi Wagyu from Hokkaido.

Securing Satsuma Fukunaga Wagyu, in particular, is a coup as it is rarely available in Hong Kong restaurants. The pinnacle of Kuroge Wagyu (Japanese Black Wagyu) produced in Kagoshima Prefecture, it comes from cattle raised, fattened and pampered at family farms in the Minami Satsuma Valley – jazz music is played in the barns where the temperature is strictly controlled and they enjoy a unique cooked feed of grain similar to rice. 

The resulting meat has a high percentage of monounsaturated fat acids leading to a low-fat melting point of 13°C for a soft and exquisite taste profile. Satsuma Fukunaga Wagyu earned the highest honorary award at the 2018 National Beef and Meat Co-initiative Competition.

The other new wagyu on the menu, Tokachi Wagyu, hails from cows born in Hokkaido and raised in Tokachi, where local pasture grass and preeminent fattening techniques ensure rich, flavourful meat. In addition to wagyu, the restaurant serves premium beef sourced from Japan, the United States and Australia, with featured cuts including chuck flap, sirloin and tenderloin. 

Kyoto Katsugyu’s house signature Zen (Sets) come with a harmonious combination of 3 sides – Akitakomachi rice, cabbage salad and miso soup – each offered with unlimited refills. Most coveted is Fukunaga A5 Wagyu Steak Katsu & Teriyaki Zen (HK$298), which spans both katsu and teriyaki for the ultimate wagyu experience. Alternatively, Fukunaga A5 Wagyu Katsu Donburi (HK$248) serves with garlic onion sauce, showcases the delicate flavour of wagyu.

Kuroge Wagyu Tenderloin Katsu Zen (HK$428) stars Tokachi Wagyu in cuts that highlight its tenderness and flavour. Prime US tenderloin, grain-fed sirloin, chuck flap and sliced beef grace the Greedy Katsugyu Katsu Zen (HK$328). 

Available until 4 January 2024, the festive speciality Black Truffle Chicken Croquette with Prawn Katsu Zen (HK$208) marries the beauty of black truffle with tender chicken. To celebrate the opening of Kyoto Katsugyu’s new branch, an exclusive Ox Tongue Zen (HK$208) is on offer at AIRSIDE branch and only 20 servings will be available daily. It presents the beef delicacy slow-cooked for 8 hours then deep-fried in its panko coat. Offering hearty and very affordable alternatives, Beef Croquette & Chuck Flap Katsu Zen (HK$168) and Pork Fillet & Chuck Flap Katsu Zen (HK$178) also feature delightful crisp and juicy cutlets. 

Kyoto Katsugyu’s gyukatsu mastery begins with delicate preparation. Each cut of prime beef or wagyu is covered with a thin layer of white pepper and the finest bread powder for a refined panko 10 times thinner than regular breadcrumbs. The meat juices are sealed within as it sizzles in Japanese soybean oil at a temperature of 190 degrees for just 60 seconds. The result is a flawlessly cooked medium-rare centre, exuding juiciness, enveloped by a luscious golden crust that strikes a delightful harmony of taste and crunchiness.

Diners are also invited to personalise their gyukatsu experience – each table is equipped with a grill to top up heat or cooking levels if desired. Nine condiments for dipping – Onsen Egg, Wasabi, Kyoto-style Curry, Kyoto Pepper Miso, Gyukatsu Sauce, Sancho Pepper Salt, Dashi Soy Sauce, Carrot Citrus Sauce and Citrus Soy Sauce with Japanese Radish – add fun and flavour to each bite.

Complementing this perfect pairing of meat and sauce are bowls of premium Japanese rice grown in Akita Prefecture. Known for its lustre and aroma, Akitakomachi rice is soaked for 30 minutes before cooking to achieve the perfect soft, sticky yet balanced texture. 

Non-beef fried specialities are also available. Pork Tenderloin Katsu Zen (HK$148) stars a succulent pork cutlet, while Curry Pork Zen (HK$158) adds a tantalising blend of aromatic spices to the juicy pork. Boneless Chicken Wafu Katsu Zen (HK$148), Tiger Prawn & Eel Katsu Zen (HK$208) and Salmon Wafu Katsu Zen (HK$158) provide delightful twists on gyukatsu.

As winter approaches, Kyoto Katsugyu’s pot-style Zen will warm the soul. Savour the rich, velvety Gyukatsu Scrambled Egg Zen (HK$158); the porky goodness of Tonkatsu Scrambled Egg Zen (HK$158); or the fragrant Prawn Scrambled Egg Zen (HK$178). 

Showcasing the art of Japanese hot pot, Katsugyu Sukiyaki Zen (HK$188) is a winning combination of savoury broth and premium ingredients, while Beef Tofu Pot Udon Zen (HK$158) is a nourishing dish that combines udon noodles, flavoursome beef and silky tofu. Pork Shabu Shabu Zen (HK$158) unites tender pork slices and seasonal vegetables; and the spicy Chicken Kimchi Zen (HK$158) ignites the taste buds.

The menu extends beyond Zen, offering a variety of donburi such as Kuroge Wagyu & Salmon Don (HK$258) and Chuck Flap Slice & Truffle Don (HK$258), as well as popular presentations like Japanese Style Beef Omelette (HK$52), Pork Gyoza (HK$52) and Chicken Tsukune (HK$58). 

Diners seeking lunchtime indulgence can feast on the finest of the new wagyu imports teamed with house signature rice in Fukunaga A5 Wagyu Don (HK$188). Beef Croquette & Chuck Flap (HK$128), Gyukatsu Scrambled Egg Rice (HK$128), Halibut Saikyo Miso (HK$98), Japanese Eel Zen (HK$138) and Salmon Tobiko Roe with Minced Beef Don (HK$128) are among the other tempting attractions. All lunch offerings come as a satisfying set, including an appetiser, pickles, rice, cabbage salad and miso soup, and there are options priced from just HK$88.

Kyoto Katsugyu balances its enticing culinary offerings with an extensive drinks list. Sake enthusiasts can pour the likes of Daimon 55 Junmai Ginjo (HK$250, 300ml), admired for its fruity and floral notes and clean finish; fragrant and velvet-smooth Daimon 45 Junmai Daiginjo (HK$340, 300ml); and Yasakaturu Kame no O Kurabu Junmai Ginjo (HK$250, 300ml), which shows plenty of fruit and florals and a hint of umami. Sake is the base of delightful cocktails including Daimon Mojito (HK$42) and Sake Mui (HK$42). Plum wine and beer also slake diners’ thirsts for alcohol.  

The leading exponent of authentic Japanese-style beef katsu, Kyoto Katsugyu made its debut in the Ponto-chō neighbourhood of Kyoto in 2014 and in less than a decade has expanded into an international chain with more than 50 restaurants across Japan, East Asia and Canada. Operated in Hong Kong by Cafe Deco Group, this new restaurant extends over 1,600 sq. ft within the new, landmark AIRSIDE mall, providing comfortable and spacious seating for 80 diners. Traditional Japanese umbrellas and colourful fans highlight a rustic Kyoto-style atmosphere ideal for savouring the brand’s speciality wagyu cutlets and other temptations.

For more information, please visit; for reservations, please visit or call the restaurants.

Kyoto Katsugyu Tsuen Wan Branch

Address: Shop 217-220, 2/F, Tsuen Wan Plaza, 

4-30 Tai Pa Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Phone: (852) 3996-8062

Opening Hours: 12:00 noon to 10:00 p.m.

Kyoto Katsugyu AIRSIDE at Kai Tak Branch

Address: B129, AIRSIDE, 2 Concorde Road, 

Kai Tak, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Phone: (852) 2117-1310

WhatsApp: (852) 6507-9768

Opening Hours: 12:00 noon to 9:30 p.m.

Like and connect with Kyoto Katsugyu Hong Kong on:


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