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Uogashi Nihonichi Opens at AIRSIDE Introducing an Authentic Standing Edomae Sushi Experience

(28 September 2023, Hong Kong) Uogashi Nihonichi, the renowned Japanese fresh fish specialist, is thrilled to announce the soft opening of its first overseas branch located at AIRSIDE, Kai Tak, Hong Kong, offering a casual, convivial take on sushi. With a rich history dating back almost 35 years, the brand’s unparalleled stand-up dining experience brings the traditional ‘standing sushi’ culture to Hong Kong, focusing on affordable yet high-quality Edomae sushi.

Operated by Cafe Deco Group, Uogashi Nihonichi Hong Kong provides an intimate setting, accommodating up to 15 people within a cosy yet vibrant space. In Japan, the name has been synonymous since 1989 with the finest sushi enjoyed standing at the counter. Now with almost 30 successful branches across the country, it is one of Japan’s most beloved sushi establishments, having received high praise from reputable media such as Time Out Japan, and holding the prestigious distinction of being one of the few sushi restaurants with auction rights in the key local fish markets.

Diners can enjoy an abundance of seasonal ingredients sourced from clean waters. Reflecting the four seasons, the fresh, premium fish and shellfish are prepared with the expert precision expected of sushi masters in ways that showcase natural flavours and textures. Touches of novelty in the presentation elevate the sushi indulgence to new heights.

Uogashi Nihonichi’s impressive array of sushi is ordered by the piece or as a set including salad, soup and chawanmushi (steamed egg). There are 3 sets to choose from: Grilled Sushi Set (HK$248); an 11-course Sushi Omakase Set (HK$398) serving 10 pieces of nigiri sushi plus a hand roll; and the exceptional 12-course Omakase Set (HK$588) featuring 4 types of sashimi, 7 pieces of nigiri sushi and a hand roll.

Donburi in a variety of sets (priced from HK$168) is another house signature. Diners ordering sets, which are available all day, can top up with a la carte sushi at a 10% discount. Takeaway sushi sets (8, 12 or 24 pieces priced from HK$188) are ideal for home or office parties.

Capturing the essence of Uogashi Nihonichi’s commitment to quality, Uni (sea urchin) from Hokkaido is renowned for its superior taste, attributed to the abundance and freshness of sustenance found in its native habitat. Ishigakigai (Bering Sea cockle) from Iwate is prized for its firm and crunchy texture, with subtle hints of seaweed, while Konbumori Oysters from Hokkaido are known for their plump flesh and creamy consistency.

For those seeking the most memorable sushi, Shirako (milt) from Aomori excites with its rich, velvety texture and distinct taste of the sea.

Sanma (Pacific saury) is the highlight of the seasonal fish catch. When plucked from the north-eastern shores of Japan as it begins its annual migration south from Hokkaido, the ‘autumn sword fish’ is at its most flavourful. Modori-katsuo (literally ‘returning bonito’) from Nagasaki is another migratory treat; after completing their epic summer swim, the katsuo offer deliciously lush flesh in autumn.

Iwashi (sardine) from Nagasaki is marinated to balance its slightly salty, sweet and oily character, while Samegarei (roughscale sole), a fatty white fish from Hokkaido, is best enjoyed when presented lightly aburi (flame-seared). For Oita-sourced Sekisaba (chub mackerel), the ikejime technique – a swift kill by spikes inserted near the gills and tail to drain the blood quickly – results in fresh and flavourful fish.

Seafood enthusiasts will also relish the opportunity to savour Isaki (chicken grunt), caught off the coast of Nagasaki and showcasing the delicate, lean and sweet flavours characteristic of shiromi (white fish). Kinmedai (splendid alfonsino) from Numazu in eastern Shizuoka presents a soft yet full-bodied and umami-rich taste profile; Kamasu (barracuda) from Osaka is known for its mild umami flavour.

Kawahagi (thread-sail filefish) from Seto Inland Sea is another draw when available; acclaimed for its subtle and delicate taste, the fish is enhanced by the addition of its own liver for a touch of creamy decadence. Sayori (Japanese halfbeak) from Ishikawa also captivates, its sleek form expertly cut to reveal clean, delicate flavour and intoxicating aroma.

A range of other alcoholic tipples to suit varying preferences includes Sapporo Beer (HK$68) and the sweet-sour rush of Plum Wine (HK$68). Exploring a list of Japanese Chu-Hi (cocktails, all HK$48) reveals sweet, sour and fruity concoctions like Hyuganatsu, Hokkaido Melon and Aomori Apple. Premium sake-pairing options and a sake Happy Hour will ensure further merriment for diners standing at the counter to enjoy standout sushi.

With ‘uogashi’ meaning fish market in Japanese, Uogashi Nihonichi prides itself on presenting fresh fish in 7 ways: freshly caught, grated, boiled, baked, fried, cooked and squeezed. By adhering to this philosophy, their talented sushi chefs ensure that each morsel is a simple crafting of pure, firm rice and fish that delivers an authentic and satisfying sushi experience.

Spanning almost 700 sq. ft, the interior of the sushi bar is designed in traditional style, with expanses of wood and a light-brown colour palette evoking the Edomae spirit. Diners can witness the chef’s artistry as the fish is freshly filleted and seasoned right in front of their eyes. This interactive experience allows chefs to engage with guests, sharing their sushi knowledge and the best ways to enjoy each delicacy.

Committed to updating Japan’s heritage of standing sushi dining as seen at sushi stalls two centuries ago, Uogashi Nihonichi provides a casual, inviting atmosphere where patrons can drop in for quick, quality indulgence at an affordable price. Whether seeking a respite from a busy workday or the perfect ending to an East Kowloon outing, this blend of old-world authenticity and contemporary vibe provides a warm, welcoming environment for all. Cafe Deco Group plans to open more branches in the future to extend this convivial sushi spirit across Hong Kong.

Uogashi Nihonichi Hong Kong is located at G001, AIRSIDE, 2 Concorde Road, Kai Tak, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is a short walk from Kai Tak MTR Station (Exit C) and open daily from 12:00 noon to 9:30 p.m.

For more information, please visit, email, call (852) 2117-1911, or WhatsApp (852) 6508-0395.

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