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World-leading Trichologist Svenson Presents Nourishing Autumn-Winter Booster of Three Hero Therapies to Revitalise Scalp and Replenish Hair

(20 October 2023, Hong Kong) – Svenson, the premium name in holistic hair and scalp care that launched in London over 65 years ago, presents a series of timely autumn-winter promotional offers – including a trio of proven treatments to soothe sensitive scalps and improve hair health; and an exclusive hair-care gift set at a special price, perfect for spreading the joy of beautiful hair this festive season.

The newly launched Hair Therapy Combo is a collection of 3 protective and enriching treatments performed by Svenson’s certified trichologists – professional hair and scalp specialists. At an introductory trial price of HK$980 (original price: HK$2,500), the Combo comprises an initial scalp check and diagnosis by one of the IAT (International Association of Trichologists) experts at the salon, followed by the 3 targeted treatments: Duo Hydrogen to cleanse the scalp; Hair Bounce to restore and boost hair texture, thickness and strength; and Plasma & Ultrasound to spur hair regrowth.

Duo Hydrogen treatment (original price: HK$600) melds the benefits of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant hydrogen and antibacterial ozone for a healthier scalp and overall hair well-being. As hydrogen penetrates the skin cells, it defends the scalp against premature ageing, sensitivity, pimples and dandruff while promoting collagen production. By reducing bacteria, ozone helps prevent acne and irritants, providing relief for sensitive scalps and reducing itchiness. 

A scientific solution to hair loss issues that is both ethical and sustainable, Hair Bounce serum treatment (original price: HK$800) inhibits the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – a hormone that causes premature hair loss – and improves hair vitality. The serum features a safe, gentle formulation of plant-based extracts that replaces the hair’s natural keratin with plant-based keratin. This botanical blend of larch tree, green tea and zinc augments hair-follicle stem cells, reduces follicle miniaturisation and strengthens hair roots. Other active ingredients include niacinamide (vitamin B3), which increases antioxidant and keratin production and regulates sebum; and the moisturising and dandruff-preventing arginine. Addressing the root causes of hair loss, this transformative therapy improves texture and thickness and unlocks the potential for stronger, more vibrant hair.

Plasma & Ultrasound treatment (original price: HK$1,100) is a powerful synergy of high-frequency vibration technologies that rejuvenate the scalp, improve blood flow and deliver vital nutrients to boost hair health. Emitting 3 million vibration frequencies per second, Plasma technology creates an ideal environment for nutrient consumption by strengthening the absorption capacity of cells and removing ageing cells and dead skin. It also has a sterilising effect to counteract scalp problems caused by bacteria. The sound waves and heat energy unleashed by Ultrasound therapy, meanwhile, serve to stimulate blood circulation and enhance nutrient penetration deep into the scalp. Together, they prime the scalp for hair growth.

The significantly discounted price of HK$980 for 1 trial session of Hair Therapy Combo continues to HK$9,888 for 10 sessions for new clients; while for existing clients, the packages start at HK$29,888 for 20 sessions and HK$36,888 for 30 sessions, available until 31 December 2023. 

Complimentary bonus offers comprise a 250ml bottle of shampoo with the purchase of a 20-session package and an INDIBA radiofrequency-wave treatment to promote hair densification for 30-session clients. One complimentary shampoo can be selected from 4 targeted Svenson formulations developed with breakthrough absorption technology for hair growth: Balance, Defence, Rescue or ProRepair (original price: HK$260-HK$300).

Svenson believes that regular scalp cleansing is essential for maintaining lustrous hair, and a new, special value-added offer is launched to include 6 sessions of its highly acclaimed deep hair cleansing treatments for only HK$980, valid for 1 month. Customers may choose their preferred cleansing therapies from a selection of 4 options: Duo Hydrogen, Deep Purifying Cleansing, Ion Pro-Booster, and High Concentration CO2 Water Therapy.

During the Deep Purifying Cleansing treatment, invigorating solutions of essential oils and herbs are used to flush the scalp, dissolving the oil that habitually clogs the pores and forms the breeding ground for hair loss-inducing DHTs. A new non-invasive transdermal technology designed to prevent premature hair fall, Ion Pro-Booster stimulates scalp microcirculation and dormant hair follicles and increases oxygen and nutrient flow to the hair roots.

In another signature cleansing ritual, High Concentration CO2 Water Therapy eliminates chemical residue and balances the pH of the hair and scalp to the healthiest rate. Its detoxifying action also removes silicon and relieves scalp sensitivity.

Aside from the ravages of the changing climate, hair weakness and loss can be triggered by stress that provokes the production of cortisol – a hormone that can not only damage hair follicles by restricting their flow of blood but also curtail their natural growth phase. Svenson’s comprehensive in-salon hair treatments aim to counteract hair loss caused by a wide range of issues including stress, alopecia areata and male- and female-pattern baldness. 

Hair loss, which was once considered primarily a problem for ageing men, affects an increasing number of younger men and women. Postnatal hair loss is more common than people might think, too. Svenson also provides solutions for those with fine, weak hair as well as oily and sensitive scalps.

Complementing Svenson’s effective salon treatments, a selection of meticulously formulated products for daily home use is available. With the festive season in sight, these can be purchased in a limited-edition gift set to spread the joy of beautiful hair to friends and family. Thoughtfully curated with clinically proven hair heroes that work together in harmony to transform strands, the Festive Fabulous Gift Set, priced at HK$688 (original price: HK$875), revives dry and damaged hair with Prorepair Restore Shampoo (250ml), Prorepair Nourishing Shine Drops (30ml) and Prorepair Conditioning Cream (250ml), providing a comprehensive solution for nourishing the hair.

Customers who purchase Svenson’s formulated products for HK$5,000 or more between 16 November to 31 December 2023 will receive a complimentary Festive Pouch (valued at HK$388), which includes a shampoo (20ml), hair lotion (10ml), infusion massager and 2 advanced formulas (20ml each) – products will be recommended by the in-store trichologist after a preliminary examination of customers’ hair.

Founded in London in 1956, Svenson opened its first Asian centre in Hong Kong 50 years ago and has long been the premier name in holistic hair and scalp care. Every member of its team is dedicated to bringing each client their most effective hair revitalising experience. Certified trichologists have years of formal training under international specialists and hair consultants and therapists boast extensive experience in delivering personalised programmes that care for individual hair needs from tip to root. 

For more information, please visit, or WhatsApp (852) 9706-1522, call (852) 2248-6320 or email

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