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nana’s green tea Opens Its First Location in Hong Kong – Bringing Japan’s Number One Matcha Café and the Essence of Japanese Food Culture to AIRSIDE, Kai Tak

(28 September 2023, Hong Kong) nana’s green tea celebrates its soft opening today at AIRSIDE, Kai Tak’s new shopping and commercial hub. This is the first Hong Kong branch for Japan’s eminent café brand whose headline Insta-worthy matcha and green tea specialities exemplify contemporary Japanese lifestyle and the excellence of the country’s food culture and hospitality tradition. 

Brought to Hong Kong by Cafe Deco Group, nana’s green tea is the largest of the matcha-branded café chains in Japan with 73 locations across the country, as well as international outlets in Singapore, Taiwan, the United States, Canada and Australia. Designed to bring a smile to the face with its delightful array of teas and tea-infused cakes, ice cream and parfaits, the green tea specialist’s artfully curated menu reflects the Japanese spirit of omotenashi, embracing mindfulness and caring hospitality. 

The brand debuted on the Tokyo dining scene in 2001, styled as a modern Japanese tea house and offering exquisite matcha-flavoured drinks, desserts and savoury dishes in a blissful atmosphere. Originally called Green Tea Café, it adopted its more auspicious current name in 2006 in honour of the founder’s daughter Nana, and to embrace the auspicious connotation of the number seven in Japanese culture.

The brand sources its matcha mainly from Yamamasa Koyamaen, a famed tea manufacturer with more than 200 years of history in Uji, Kyoto. Traditional grinding in stone mills maximises the matcha flavour and retains its original essence, giving the matcha a characteristic melt-in-the mouth feel with refreshing bitterness and green aromas developing on the palate. 

As well as matcha, the premium green-tea brews of sencha, hojicha and genmaicha are spotlighted. Using more than 10 types of tea leaves from Kyoto, as well as those from tea farms in Kagoshima and elsewhere, major supplier Baisa Nakamura carefully identifies the characteristics of each tea leaf, finely adjusts the temperature and rolling method, and brings out the full flavour. 

Highlights of the speciality beverages include Matcha Latte, Hojicha Latte, Azuki Latte (Sweetened Red Bean), Black Sesame Latte and Matcha Latte Frappe. The picture-perfect Matcha Azuki Shiratama Latte (HK$48/Hot or Iced) is one of the signature drinks. From a matcha latte base, the delicious beverage is topped with shiratama mochi (sweet rice-flour balls), azuki (red bean paste) and whipped cream. Farmed in Hokkaido, where shorter daylight hours during the growing season yield lower tannins for a less bitter taste, nana’s green tea’s azuki is low in sugar and high in flavour – the red beans have soft skin and fruit. 

Hojicha Kuromitsu Latte (HK$48/Hot or Iced) is an option for lovers of the Japanese green tea popularly roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal. The drink is capped with whipped cream and kuromitsu (Japanese black sugar syrup).

Customers torn between a drink and ice cream will adore Matcha Soft Serve Latte with Chocolate Crunch (HK$52): its rich, milky smoothness combines matcha latte with vanilla-flavoured soft serve ice cream and chocolate crunch topping. Hojicha Soft Serve Latte (HK$52) comes with vanilla-flavoured soft serve and the distinctive roasted aromas of its tea.

Parfaits are another house speciality and come in 8 different rich and luscious tastes. Matcha or Hojicha Nama Chocolate Parfait (HK$98) embraces handmade matcha or hojicha pudding, vanilla soft serve, azuki or hojicha white bean paste and nama chocolate – a Japanese-style ganache that provides a silky rush of pure joy. 

Those who enjoy the jelly-like mouthfeel and chewy texture of warabimochi may choose Matcha or Hojicha Warabimochi Parfait (HK$88). The traditional Japanese delicacy is dusted with nutty kinako (roasted soybean flour) and drizzled with kuromitsu, while vanilla soft serve adds to the indulgence. 

To commemorate nana’s green tea’s first outlet in Hong Kong, an exclusive Matcha Gold Leaf Nama Chocolate Parfait (HK$98) is on offer until 31 October 2023. The confection blends melted cacao and fresh cream for irresistible nama chocolate, with matcha-flavoured gold leaf decoration adding a glamorous touch. Only 10 servings of the limited-edition dessert will be available daily to sweeten the start of autumn.

Two signature matcha-flavoured baked collections are on the menu. Cheese Cake (HK$48) features premium Australian cream cheese and the brand’s signature tea powder for a perfect balance of taste and texture between velvety cheese, bitter tea and sweet cake – Matcha, Matcha with Azuki, Hojicha and citrusy Yuzu are the flavours spotlighted. Lightly baked for a moist, silken consistency, Rolled Cake (HK$48) encases lashings of aromatic tea-flavoured cream – in the flavours of Matcha, Hojicha or the not-to-be-missed Matcha with Azuki.

Other Japanese kanmi (dessert) classics include Shiratama Zenzai and Matcha Shiratama Zenzai as well as Kinako Warabimochi and Matcha Warabimochi – all priced at HK$68.

For those seeking savoury satisfaction, salads, rice dishes, donburi (Japanese rice bowl) and udon sets are tempting light meals available all day. Rice dishes emphasise health and nutrition, with plenty of vegetables and lighter offerings. The nana team works directly with farmers to ensure the quality and food safety of their rice, which is artfully paired with sweet, tender free-range chicken from Aomori and soft-boiled ‘sun egg’ from Miyazaki in Chicken Soboro Onsen Egg Don (HK$88). Marinated Tuna, Avocado with Grated Yam Don (HK$148) and Soy Milk Cheese Risotto with Salmon and Spinach (HK$148) are other scrumptious rice choices.  

Noodle options include Soy Milk Dandan Udon (HK$108/Hot or Cold), using soymilk ‘dandan’ style soup base, free-range chicken and chilli oil for a lighter, healthier bowl. Soy Milk Cream Prawn and Tomato Udon (HK$128) is a moreish temptation. Alternatively, diners can slurp happily on hearty family-style Beef Curry Udon (HK$108) or Pork in Yuzu Pepper Udon (HK$98). 

Each nana’s green tea outlet is carefully designed to be unique to its location while maintaining a sense of collective unity. Harmonious settings reinforce culture and tradition amid the serene aesthetics of a modern Japanese tea ceremony. The AIRSIDE location spans more than 1,600 sq. ft, offering 60 seats framed by a contemporary pergola. A dappled ceiling treatment alludes to seasonality and nature’s grandeur. Exemplifying originality and playfulness, the interiors showcase the brand’s take on joyous, thoughtful hospitality, and defy the conventions of a typical café chain.

“From the beginning, we have been committed to making customers smile with our tempting offerings and delightful décor,” says nana’s green tea Founder Mr. Kazuto Kutami. “Our mission is to present a modern take on Japanese tradition, including the tea ceremony where the host honours the guests. As we open in Hong Kong, we will continue to express the true meaning of Japanese hospitality and food culture.”

nana’s green tea is located at Shop B128, AIRSIDE, 2 Concorde Road, Kai Tak, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is a short walk from Kai Tak MTR Station (Exit C) and opens daily from 12:00 noon to 9:30 p.m. A second café is slated to open at The Southside in Wong Chuk Hang next year. 

For more information, please visit's%20green%20tea/, email, call (852) 2117-1309, or WhatsApp (852) 6507-9723.

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